My problems with smoking today


To those of you who are listening,

I got stuck in the abyss that is a tedious stop and chat today. I was having a cigarette and caught myself subconsciously just blowing smoke into their face. It was quickly countered by a forced cough from the stop and chatterer. I apologised and blew the smoke forcefully to the side. Unfortunately, this just resulted in it just catching the wind and going directly back into their face anyway. I got a look. But then again I wonder if they just had smoke in their eye.

One time, I went into a shop to buy some cigarettes and asked the lady behind the counter “If possible, could I have your least disgusting cigarette packaging please”. She looked at them for what seemed to be an eternity, battling all her moral compasses as she soon realised there really was no right answer. She turned around and presented me with some packaging of a dying child with a respirator on. She said, “the others were disgusting to look at”. I didn’t ask questions. I apologised and promised I would never ask this again.


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6 thoughts on “My problems with smoking today

  1. My father smoked most of his life and ended up with emphysema. He’s down to half a lung, now. So… when it was time for me to quit, I had that as incentive.

    What people don’t get about quitting smoking is, the pain involved is real but it isn’t like the pain we feel every day. This pain is spread equally about our entire body, mind and parts of our soul.

    I definitely wish you luck…


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