Dog Judgement Disease


To those of you who are listening,

I tend to have strong opinions on what I believe is a good dog and what I believe is a useless dog.

I really don’t know where such strong opinions came from regarding this, but my main pet hate is a prick-dog. You know the type – the kind of dog that just knows it is above everyone – the type that struts around with an air of “fuck you” about it.

I know that it’s is down to the owner, but when it’s your girlfriend’s at the time – it’s a lot safer and easier to just dislike the dog.

With that being said – this is Myrtle (I apologise for the name). Mum named her and said “I couldn’t give two shits about Harry Potter! I like the name!”

She is 7 weeks old, and has constantly soggy ears due to them being dipped in her water bowl.

I could be cured of my dog judgement.


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